Stronghold Media started with three people from differing backgrounds wanting to do something new. Barry is a developer and has had a varied IT career, mostly in software development. His wife Helen is a filmmaker. She is trained in all aspects of film as well as both writing and marketing. The final team member is their friend Peter, the designer, who has also had a long career in web and graphic design. We have already worked together on several projects in the past but decided we wanted to make the jump to permanently work together doing something we all love, storytelling.

Everything we do has a story behind it, every company we’ve worked for, every film made and every website produced.  As we realised just how important stories are we decided that our whole ethos as a company needed to reflect this. Everything we do is story driven and we believe that this is the way forward. Every brand, product and company has a tale to tell.

We believe that we can find, tell and market your story as well as our own. As a team, we are very big on honesty and integrity and we have a passion for storytelling. We decided to use this as the focus of our brand. These qualities are often found in amazing stories and you will find them in everything we do.

Stronghold Media are storytellers looking to help you share your business narrative and be a chapter in ours.

We work alongside our clients to discover how to find, tell and spread their unique tales. There is no one size fits all solution in digital marketing and we don’t offer one. We will find the best platforms to reach your potential clients be it social media, a website or even a film on You Tube.

We offer solutions for every budget to help you discover and market your unique story. Our services span both traditional and online marketing. We cover web design as well as all aspects of social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. We can also offer solutions including photography and video services (these services are location dependent).

The aim of our service is to find and tell your story in the most efficient and appropriate way possible. We will look to take your marketing budget and invest it in the places your target market can be found. We recognise the need to be flexible and will continue to monitor the success of your campaigns in real terms, adjusting if necessary, meaning your budget is spent in the most cost-effective areas.


At Stronghold Media we believe in stories. And what better way to tell our story than through our weekly newsletter. Our aim is to not only tell you about what we do but to also share our knowledge and story as we grow our business.

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